Time and Materials

Operate your business more smoothly, get funds in hand sooner

The Time & Materials construction software automates operations while allowing for flexibility and customization. You can bill for time and material now, then add in your contractor fees. New fees or items are identified and billed. The Time & Materials application tracks billing so that these new items are billed without mistakenly re-billing previous items.

What does your Time and Materials look like today? What could it look like tomorrow?


You don’t have automated software, so you have to wait until actual costs are finalized to bill


  • Spectrum® Time & Materials software allows you to automatically create billing once the costs are committed for each job
  • Once a bill is sent, the bill detail is automatically transferred to Accounts Receivable


It is difficult to accommodate different billing rates within your current accounting software


  • You can easily input different billing rates by employee, employee category, or even by phase. If all jobs are the same, you can set this information once, or you can input billing rates by job
  • If inventory items or equipment codes require a special billing rate, you can easily set these rates
  • You have the option to create billing rates for regular hours, over-time, and even double time


Tracking time and material is difficult because there is little flexibility in your current software


  • Line items and descriptions are easily added to a bill, even after it has been created
  • Even if the payroll process is not complete, you can bill daily time cards through the Time & Material application

Standard Reports

  • Pre-Billing
  • Cost Type Billing History
  • Detail Billing History
  • Billing / Cost Analysis
  • Job Billing Listing
  • Job Labour Billing Rates
  • Job Equipment Billing Rates

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