Service Management

The hallmark of a good company is best-in-class service.

The Spectrum® Service Management construction software provides you with the ability to provide premium service through easy-to-use functionality and proactive solutions that stop potential issues before they arise. This will give you the edge in customer service. Not only will your superior service make it easier to get the job done, but customers will want to work with you again and again.

What does your Service Management look like today? What could it look like tomorrow?


Your customer service management is reactive


  • There are built-in alerts for possible customer issues to warn dispatchers and allow them to arrive on-site with solutions
  • Detailed customer information is available through the Service Request screen, helping customers to receive a more personalized touch and technicians to be equipped with the detail they need
  • Alerts for preventative maintenance and details of equipment needed to perform services minimize second calls or duplicate efforts


You don’t have detailed tracking information to keep your employees and customers well informed


  • You maintain an accurate record of historical service contracts and service work
  • You keep detailed tracking of inventory and records of warranty
  • You can provide employees or customers detailed information such as equipment serial numbers, service coverage, and warranty upon request


Your customer service management is difficult to use and is not integrated into your master project management software


  • Work orders and service contracts are both easy to create and manage
  • Field supervisors can capture approval signatures from the field as well as manage other work order functions on the go
  • Spectrum®’s Service Management software integrates throughout Spectrum®’s operational and accounting applications, minimizing data entry and human error

Reports Available:

  • Service Contract Form
  • Renewals and Expires
  • Profitability
  • Earned Revenue G/L History
  • Visits
  • Cost History
  • Service Contract Listing
  • Equipment Labels

The complete Construction Management Software package.

Our Construction Management Software will not only meet, but exceed your needs.

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