Project Plan Room App

Access a mobile friendly version of the Plan Room

Get right to the information in your Plan Room like documents, specs, and drawings while you are on the job site through the app vs. finding information through the dashboard. Compatible with Android™, iOS®, and Windows® operating systems, you can integrate Spectrum®’s app on virtually any device.

What does your Project Plan Room App look like today? What could it look like tomorrow?


You don’t know what type of device your vendors and subcontractors use and are not sure if your software will support multiple operating systems


  • With Spectrum®’s Project Plan Room App, it doesn’t really matter what type of operating system you partners have. Android™, iOS®, and Windows® operating systems are supported


If you need to bring documentation with you to a job site, you have to save a file to a USB


  • Documents are always available to you through the app and because the app syncs with Spectrum®’s construction software, you can view the latest document version (not the version you saved to your USB an hour ago)


You don’t like to view digital versions of documents. They are too difficult to find and too difficult to read


  • Documents are organized in a logical structure that makes it easy to find what you are looking for. You can view every detail of a document with the zoom feature

Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were apps for your construction software by function, so that you can easily access specific information in fewer steps? Now you can. With Spectrum®’s Project Plan Room App, you don’t have to go to the dashboard to find information about your Plan Room.

Key benefits of the Project Plan Room App construction software include:

  • Project members in the field can access project documents whenever they need them
  • Stop waiting for updated documents. All documents can be quickly and easily loaded to the application to view almost instantaneously
  • Never lose a document again, documents no longer require shipping and can be retrieved at any time (online or offline)
  • You can view stored documents in the app without an internet connection, or connect to the internet to ensure you have the latest documents and notifications

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