Project Management

An all-encompassing tool that allows your projects to run efficiently

Do you struggle with multiple applications that manage different areas of the business and their inability to work together? Spectrum has developed a single system that merges applications into one simple to use platform with a customizable dashboard and mobile apps for quick access to specific information.

What does your Project Management look like today? What could it look like tomorrow?


Project logs are disorganized and uninformative


  • Manage all of your logs from daily and submittal logs, to change orders, and more in one Project Log
  • Entry logs can be linked together to ensure that all information about an important event or change order is associated to each log
  • The Project Log can have emails (including attachments) sent and received directly from the log


Your project management software doesn’t proactively help you manage projects


  • Spectrum®’s Project Management software with the “Ball in Court” feature lets users know when a task is their responsibility in order to keep the project moving
  • Managing bids is simplified with tools that help manage contact information as well as vendors invited to bid on a project. You’ll have visibility into whether or not these vendors have viewed and downloaded documents and you can even require pre-qualification documentation to be submitted as a part of the bid process
  • You can identify specific terms for payments, shipping and FOB shipping points
  • Choose to view PO’s that have been received by PO number, by job, or by vendor


You have limited options to view and share information


  • Create your own default view of the project log, so you can access the project log in that view every time
  • If you need to show information in an Excel document, you can export the information in one simple click
  • View information through Spectrum®’s dashboard or in apps designed for quicker access to specific information

Standard Reports

  • Daily Log
  • Correspondence Log
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Photo Log
  • Submittals
  • RFI Log
  • Change Request and Change Orders
  • Site Instructions
  • Owner Directives
  • Punch Lists

The complete Construction Management Software package.

Our Construction Management Software will not only meet, but exceed your needs.

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