Inventory Control

An intuitive and easy way to manage both your inventory and your vendors’ inventory.

It doesn’t matter where the inventory is, you will always know whether it is on a job site, in a warehouse, or on a service vehicle. Not only will you know where it is, you will have the tools to properly manage pricing of assets to bid on jobs effectively, and keep your costs in line. When you don’t have the freedom to work with the right reports and transaction types, when you can’t support your customers to maintain the right inventory levels, you can’t properly run your business. You need an inventory control system designed for the construction industry and integrated across the common tools you use.

What does your Inventory Control look like today? What could it look like tomorrow?


You are confined to minimal options within your inventory control system


  • You can choose between the following standard costing methods: FIFO, LIFO, average, and standard cost
  • You can choose between 5 different transaction types: transfers, orders, receipts, credit returns, and adjustments
  • Spectrum® Inventory control will support up to 5 pricing levels per item
  • You can use an almost unlimited number of fields designed by the user
  • Manage inventory in multiple warehouses with an unlimited amount of items with the option to add item comments
  • Keep track of both mixes and their raw material with automatic adjustment of the raw material levels upon selling the mixed item


You don’t have a good system to help your vendors stay in stock


  • Automatically offer your vendors (primary and secondary) items that are about to be out of stock. You can even record alternate items to offer if you don’t have the original item available
  • Offer your customer quantity price breaks by item or category that can be calculated either by sell or list price
  • Let Spectrum®’s Inventory Control manage special pricing and discounts for customers. Percentage price changes can also be set to be processed automatically
  • Track any discontinued item by simply checking the box while editing the information for that item


Your inventory control is a standalone tool that is not integrated into the rest of your accounting and operational software programs


  • Import data from the Trade Service Corporation’s TRA-SER® Pro program into the Inventory Control application. You can update pricing by selecting items and updating user-defined pricing levels or standard costs
  • The inventory control is integrated into the rest of Spectrum®’s applications like General Ledger, Work Order, Job Cost, Time + Material and more

Reports Available

  • Items-on-Hand Valuation
  • Reorder
  • History
  • Activity
  • Cost Adjustment
  • Excess Inventory
  • Job Requisition
  • Price List
  • Item Listing
  • Item / Warehouse Listing

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