Human Resources

Just like having many additional HR specialists on your team.

With alert notifications that bring key information to your attention, automated recurring data entry and the integration with Spectrum®’s other applications, the HR tool makes managing employee information easier and less time consuming. If your current HR construction software isn’t helping you to manage and store important information like safety and compliance, benefits, holidays, vacations, and salary, then you need the Spectrum® Human Resources application.

What does your Human Resources look like today? What could it look like tomorrow?


You have to remember everything yourself


  • Set-up automatic reminders for action items, driver’s license expiry dates, vacation hour banks and important dates
  • You can use the Recurring Benefits feature to change things like benefit limits and rates for certain employee groups or to manage benefit eligibility requirements
  • You can see holiday and sick time as well as accrued vacation and the monetary impact these accruals have on your business


Your HR system doesn’t allow for customization


  • You can define an unlimited amount of fields and the HR application automatically saves the changes you have made to the fields
  • Add multiple reporting locations
  • You have multiple reports at your disposal, such as Benefit Management, Deduction History, and Add-on History


Managing employee information and records is outdated and tedious


  • You have a system to track information including performance reviews, adjustments to salaries, drug and alcohol testing, vacation accruals, benefits, and more all with one-click navigation
  • Activities that are performed are tracked in the Audit Log
  • The user friendly Employee Management screen is a one-stop source for all of the personnel information you need to access
  • You can make pay adjustments from the Rate Management screen and the adjustments will automatically save within Payroll, HR Salary Log, as well as the employee master file

Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a comprehensive human resources management application that kept employee information secure while providing employees access to the information they need?

The customizable reports and records ensure that you have the right tools for your unique business.

Key benefits of the Human Resources constructions software include:

  • Track data related to HR management in one confidential and secure location
  • Keep employee information secure while providing individual employees with access to information required to do their job
  • Your business may have its own specific needs. Customize your employee record keeping to suit your business.
  • Automate the employee management process like custom alerts that help save you time
  • View certification and qualification info by employee to assess which employees are best for the job at hand

Human Resources

Reports Available

  • Benefit Management
  • Civil / Legal / Other
  • Drug / Alcohol Item
  • Tracking Status
  • Items Overdue
  • Item Requisition
  • Safety
  • Tickler
  • Training / Certifications
  • Vac/Hol/Sick G/L Accrual History
  • Birthday List
  • Job / Wage Code Summary
  • New Hire / Terminated
  • Seniority
  • Supervisor / Employee

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