General Ledger

Generates reports that help you make big financial decisions.

The completely customizable Spectrum® General Ledger application helps you to manage information you need to understand your company’s financial health. The General Ledger generates reports that help you make financial decisions. From comparing prior year to current year and comparing budgets to actual costs, the General Ledger gives you more power than you ever had to effectively run your business.

What does your General Ledger look like today? What could it look like tomorrow?


Your General Ledger isn’t flexible


  • You can recalculate your year‐end balance at any time if your data changes
  • There is no hard close to the fiscal year
  • You can choose the period you want to print journal entries for with the Journal
  • Entry Activity Report/Update feature
  • You can add journal remarks to each transaction
  • View and compare your budget by period or by whatever comparison requirement you would like


Your General Ledger isn’t automated


  • Automatically post to the right fiscal period with the fiscal calendar feature
  • Import a budget you created on a spreadsheet directly into the general ledger
  • The general ledger is integrated with all other applicable Spectrum® software allowing just one entry to populate the same field


Your general ledger construction software supports only one company


  • You can create a combined financial statement for many companies
  • You can copy chart of accounts across any of your companies using Spectrum®
  • Companies that use chart of accounts by department can have general ledger account codes easily added

Standard Reports

● Monthly Activity Balance
● Trial Balance
● Detail Activity
● Transaction Journal
● Journal Entry History
● Print Financial Reports

● Unposted Transactions
● Chart of Accounts Listing
● Department Listing
● Budget Listing

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