Document Imaging

So much more than paper-free.

Scan, approve, route, search, sort, and annotate across Spectrum® applications.

Advanced document imaging makes any word typed within your document searchable. This makes finding exactly what you need fast and so much easier than trying to figure out specific search terms. You can even create rules to automatically index your content to make it easier in the future to find high-level or detailed information. Today might look a little chaotic. It takes a lot of man hours to manually file the right documents in all the places that you might like to use them. When it comes time to find the right documents, you spend countless hours searching for it only to be left questioning yourself, “Is this the most current version?” With Spectrum® Document Imaging technology, your tomorrow will be streamlined with documentation that is easy to find and right where you need it.

What does your Document Imaging look like today? What could it look like tomorrow?


You scan, copy, and save documents as a back-up… That’s it


  • Spectrum®’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) lets you scan and copy your document, but also allows each word to be searchable and indexing to make your document incredibly easy to find
  • Documents can be indexed against almost any data within the Spectrum® software allowing you to find the document within any application, any job, transaction, invoice and more – all without manual linking
  • Any document indexed to a record can be accessed with one simple click
  • Documents can be searched and viewed for high-level information or very detailed and specific information
  • Scanned documents can be included in custom reports
  • Scanned documents can be given many levels of security settings


Documents have to be saved in each report individually and by file type individually


Complete multiple tasks within Spectrum® such as printing and emailing documents. Plus, batch scan large quantities of documents, like time cards, that take up your valuable time


Document quality is poor at best


You can actually read all of your document’s information with the photocopy quality of Spectrum®’s Document Imaging

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